Frequently Asked Questions

What is innovation?

Innovation is simply something new or different. It can be looking at something in a new way, a creative invention, or an idea to enhance any element of the organization.

Who can submit ideas?

At this time, the idea process is open to all Stampede volunteers (including alumni). In the future, we hope to open this process to anyone.

How can I get involved?

We do not have any vacancies at this time for additional committee members. You can help by promoting innovative thinking and ideas within your own Stampede committee, or by submitting an idea through to us.

Why do I need to submit a business plan?

The innovation committee is here to recommend ideas for implementation. In order for the team to evaluate and recommend the ideas with confidence, there is some information that is required. A committee mentor will be assigned to each subittor to offer advice and guidance through the development of a cohesive plan if the need is identified at the fireside chat.

Can I submit an idea I have already shared with my committee?

We are here to supplement committee idea processes, not replace them. If you have shared your idea with a committee, we would ask that you continue to work with them to ascertain the viability of the suggestion. We are a a group designed to promote innovative and novel ideas. Ideas that are more appropriate to pursue through regular committee processes will be redirected to those channels.

What is the normal committee idea process?

Each committee’s idea process may be slightly different depending on the needs of their mandate and organizational structure. Generally speaking, having a conversation with the committee Chair is a good place to start if you have an idea to enhance the committee’s yearly activities.

Does it have to be a committee idea?

No. We encourage and welcome all ideas and suggestions pertaining to stampede including but not limited to, 10-day programming, year round programming, operations, and capital campaign.

Can I submit an idea that's not relevant to the committee I'm currently on?

Yes. As volunteers, staff and patrons you see and interact with the Stampede and Stampede park in many different ways. We truly value your insights and innovations that can help affect positive changes to the Stampede experience.

How will I know if my idea has been looked at?

Regardless of the decision, you will receive communication from the committee outlining our thoughts and processes taken moving your idea through. Recommendations and next steps will be communicated in as timely a manner as possible to help take advantage of the momentum and enthusiasm for your idea.

I don’t have the knowledge to complete the extended forms. Can I still submit my idea?

Absolutely. While we are not here to write proposals for members, we view our role as facilitators. We have templates, can help make the connections within the organization you may need to get information required for your idea, and are here to help volunteers bring the innovative ideas to reality.

What does iTeAm stand for?

One of the key goals of the committee is to model innovation in a fun way in our activities. The iTeAm moniker is a less formal way we refer to our committee: it is creative, fun and less formal in the hopes of making volunteers more comfortable and relaxed when working with us.