2014/2015 Idea Bank


Hitching Post Enhancements

Upgrades to the Hitching Post area enhance the experience, product offerings and experience in this popular social infield spot.

STATUS – Implemented and Development:

Several enhancements were made for 2015, including, more seating, increased shade, better sightline to the Jumbo TV, more beverage products and more serving stations. Further enhancements for 2016 and beyond will be considered alongside the new budget.



Stampede Week Countdown Clock

To create excitement and awareness, a Countdown Clock mounted to the south face of the Big Four Building announces days, minutes and seconds left before the official start of the ten-day festival. This also creates sponsorship opportunities for official timekeeping brands. An additional clock can be posted on the Stampede website.

STATUS – Implemented and Development:

This idea was approved and implemented in Spring 2015 prior to the ten-day festival and positive feedback was received. Adding the countdown clock to the website is currently being explored.



Volunteer Social Media Updates

Utilizing current Calgary Stampede social media outlets, volunteers will receive regular and timely updates on Stampede activities on and off park.

STATUS -- Implemented:

An internal review with the Stampede Communications department revealed that enhanced volunteer communications via social media was already accepted for implementation. Through 2015, volunteer social media communications were significantly increased.



VIP Concierge and Ticket Themed Packages

To provide a “front of the line” or VIP Concierge experience to promote premium Calgary Stampede experiences. These experiences could include any combination of events, tours, meals, transportation and volunteer escort to align with the needs and budgets of the VIP guest requesting these services.

STATUS – Implemented and Development:

In 2015, several VIP and “Front of the Line” experiences were marketed across the park during the ten-day festival. Greater opportunities are available to pursue this idea further within volunteer committees and will be solicited and encouraged to create both an exciting menu of opportunities and revenue generating experiences.



Urban Gardening

Rooftop or flatbed trailers produce sustainable gardens that grow produce, provide an educational opportunity to discuss growing food, and also showcase the Calgary Stampede logo.

STATUS – Implemented and Development:

During the 2015 Stampede, several sustainable urban gardening projects took place in Rotary Grove. Larger projects are under consideration alongside the development of the Youth Campus.



“Horses and the City”

A VIP experience using horses to connect with urban audiences, delivers a hands-on and informative opportunity to interact with horses.

STATUS -- Development:

Through identifying criteria required for successful implementation, and its past efforts, the Draft Horse Town Committee has decided to pursue and present this opportunity.



“In the Chutes” Family Rodeo Experience

With support from various volunteer committees, an authentic family VIP rodeo experience, complete with meals, behind the scenes tours and transportation deliver a memorable experience for profit or not-for-profit audiences.

STATUS -- Development:

CS Ticketing and Marketing will be exploring this opportunity further for potential programming in 2016. Successful trials of this idea with other Foundation and Premium Seating experiences created momentum for addressing and solving any safety or liability concerns with children in the infield.



Yahoo IQ – Stage #3: Online quizzes

Yahoo IQ is an educational quiz that helps people learn about the Calgary Stampede. Phase #1, a road show. Phase #2, a stage show that takes place prior to the Grandstand Show and Rodeo during the ten-days of Stampede. #3 is an edu-tainment (internet based) quizzes on laptops and touchscreens distributed around the city.

STATUS -- Pending

Yahoo IQ Phase #3 is the ultimate goal of the Yahoo IQ program, and will be reviewed again taking into consideration the economic conditions.



Urban Grazing

Echoing practices used in cities such as Cleveland and Paris, with urban grazing, livestock naturally maintain the landscape eliminating costly mowing and maintenance. Additionally, this promotes livestock awareness and education with urban audiences, while also providing interesting and relatively noise-free scenery.

STATUS –Not Implemented:

After careful assessment of conditions required for the well-being of livestock, the environment and public safety, this idea will not be implemented as the criteria required for success are not able to be met.