2015/2016 Idea Bank


Hitching Post Enhancements

Upgrades to the Hitching Post area enhance the guest experience, provide additional product offerings and overall aesthetic in this popular social infield spot.

STATUS – Implemented

Several enhancements were made for 2015, including, more seating, increased shade, better sightline to the Jumbo TV, more beverage products and more serving stations. In 2016, additional improvements will be implemented through the generous support of a Stampede sponsor. 



The Grandstand is a heavily used facility during the ten-day festival that could benefit from improved interior visual aesthetics. Interactive displays to engage visitors in high-traffic areas in and around the grandstand, historical showcases and even musical entertainment could provide an enhanced guest experience.

STATUS – Implemented

Though consultation with multiple Stampede departments and Volunteer committees, a plan is developed and funding in place for Stampede 2016. These initial improvements will start the process of better utilizing the Grandstand spaces to showcase and celebrate the Stampede and create a more exciting guest experience that utilizes the wealth of resources within the organization and volunteer committee base.




During the ten-day festival, Stampede social media channels will provide the general public and Stampede volunteers with clues to put them on a Scavenger Hunt to win daily prizes. This fun activity will help take guests to new locations on park, celebrate Stampede within the greater Calgary community and showcase Stampede in a unique way.

STATUS – Implemented

On a smaller scale, a Scavenger Hunt was implemented in 2015. Expanding upon that success, the 2016 Stampede Scavenger hunt will be an integrated effort between the Idea Submittor, Stampede departments, sponsors and Volunteer Committees to create a robust and engaging experience.




To support the Stampede’s commitment to being “green” and to give back to the community, exercise machines will be placed at the Park Gates. These unique machines will provide guests with the opportunity to use their own power to generate electricity in exchange for earning free admission to the park.

STATUS – Pending

This idea is currently under consideration by the relevant departments within the Stampede. Further analysis is required to evaluate if implementation is possible for Stampede 2016.




In the spirit of improving the “green” value of the Stampede, updating and expanding the current on park recycling program for the ten-day festival could significantly decrease waste and increase ease of recycling. This park-wide initiative could include improved signage, more easily identifiable receptacles

STATUS – Pending

This idea is currently being reviewed within the Stampede and further analysis is required to determine implementation opportunities.



GAMING POSSIBILITIES – Chuckwagon and Rodeo Events

Creating an opportunity for betting on Chuckwagon and Rodeo events will provide another way for guests to engage with these high-profile events. Additionally, gaming could provide an additional revenue source to further support the Stampede and its core mandate.

STATUS – Considered

After discussion with relevant Stampede departments, a third-party analysis is being conducted to investigate the feasibility, legality and regulatory parameters around executing a gaming strategy.




The MNP Lounge is a reception space located in the Agrium Western Events centre that has long been a watering hole for volunteers during the ten days of Stampede and for various events year round. Upgrade investments could transform a seldomly used space into a highly attractive rental venue for year-round revenue.

STATUS – Not Implemented

This idea has been shared with the relevant departments on Stampede Park for future consideration should economic conditions improve.




Greenscene AgriTek offers a unique bedding product that is recycled at one of their proprietary facilities. Animal bedding (specifically livestock housed on Stampede Park during the ten days) would be shipped off-site for recycling instead of discarded. Once recycled, the bedding product offers less dust and more animal comfort than traditional bedding products.

STATUS – Not Implemented

Facility proximity is required in order to provide recycling services to the Stampede. Once a recycling facility is built within appropriate trucking location of Stampede Park this idea may be reconsidered at that time.




A branded magazine on and about the Calgary Stampede would be published and distributed quarterly across Alberta promoting the Stampede and telling the stories about the event, the year-round activities, and the community.

STATUS – Not Implemented

Considerable staff and financial resources would be required for production of such a high quality magazine, and currently, existing print publications and online channels for communicating Stampede content exist. While this idea will not be pursued at this time it may be reconsidered in the future.