2016/2017 Idea Bank


3D Video Mapping Experience

3D Video Mapping technology can transform physical spaces into interactive displays connecting the community and creating a shareable experience. Community events held around the City featuring world-class technology will enable the Stampede story to be told in a unique, high-tech way. Guests, community members, and new Stampede goers alike, will all be able to experience Stampede in a novel and memorable way.

STATUS – Considered

Meetings with various stakeholders at Stampede considered the idea to be exciting and a meaningful way to engage the community. Further research is required to ensure marketing goals and budget requirements can be met in order to implement this idea.



Public Wall Painting Competition

Many physical spaces throughout Stampede Park are ideal canvases to showcase our diverse and local artistic talent. Members of the arts community could submit their recommendations for designing a wall, and the winner would have their artwork featured. This could evolve into a temporary art program where the exterior space could be transformed annually.

STATUS – Considered

Thorough consultation with the Stampede Public Art Committee, and other stakeholders, this idea will be considered for implementation in 2017/2018.




The popularity of geocaching events have increased over the past few years with the availability of affordable GPS devices. A geocaching scavenger hunt created specifically for an on-park experience during the ten day festival, provides a unique way for guests to experience and navigate Stampede Park.

STATUS – Not-Implemented

After scope and feasibility discussions with Stampede staff, geocaching will not be implemented on park during the ten day festival.



Stampede Week Daycamp/Daycare

The development of the new youth campus provides incredible opportunity to explore ways to engage youth and expand programming. The introduction of a Stampede week day camp/daycare program will engage youth in the unique culture of the Stampede, while providing a daycare function. Initially, this program would be open to staff and volunteers during the ten day festival, with the goal of establishing an offering to the public on year-round or summer camp schedules.

STATUS – Considered

Discussions are ongoing with Stampede staff to identify key stakeholders, budget requirements, facility availability and programming content.



Community Cowboy Boot Exchange

For most guests, a cowboy hat and boots are important accessories that show Stampede spirit within the community. But for many, cowboy boots are not within their budget, or, kids grow out of them each year. Providing a used boot exchange on park prior to Stampede week establishes a gathering place within the community for Calgarians who wish to be part of Stampede and look the part.

STATUS – Considered/Implemented

A similar concept, a western clothing drive, is being developed and implemented by the Community Projects & Development committee.



Agrium Western Event Center Mural

There are numerous spaces within the Agrium Western Event Centre that provide an opportunity for a visual feature. Specifically, to help commemorate Canada’s 150th in 2017.

STATUS – Considered

Various staff and committee stakeholders are being engaged to determine the feasibility of 2017 implementation, and how best to attract, engage and select an artist for the project.



Stampede Week “Special Days”

In the spirit of celebrating Canada’s 150th in 2017, each of the ten days of the festival could be matched with one of the Canadian provinces. Events across park could be aligned to the daily theme, with attractions, perks and benefits for guests visiting park.

STATUS – Considered/Implemented

After consultation with Stampede staff, there will be a special days in place during Stampede 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th with corresponding activities and events themed across park.  As well, the Western Showcase committee has implemented special themed days for their Kitchen Theatre.



3 on 3 Polo Matches

The Agrium Western Event Centre is a versatile space that could host indoor 3 on 3 polo matches. Players from around the Calgary area could use the facility throughout the winter months in exhibition play, providing an opportunity for urban audiences to get exposed to the sport.

STATUS – Not Implemented

After consultation with the Stampede staff and local Polo community, a fit does not exist for indoor play at the facility at this time.



Horse/Equine Therapy

Horse/Equine Therapy is for individuals who have undergone physical or emotion trauma to interact with horses, through the guidance of a certified equine therapist to support their recovery efforts. The Agrium Western Event Centre provides a central location for urban patients to gain access to this beneficial experience without having to drive outside the city limits.

STATUS – Not Implemented

At this time, there is not a fit between Horse/Equine therapy and the space available at the Agrium Western Events Center.



Stampede-Themed Children’s Book Series

With agriculture, the Stampede, its history and community commitment as the setting, a Children’s book series could explore the many different ways a child could learn about Stampede. Providing educational benefits to children, newcomers to Calgary, adults and tourists from around the globe, telling the Stampede story presents both revenue and educational opportunities.

STATUS – Not Implemented

The Stampede brand has clear guidelines on what is and is not endorsed and promoted. At this time, Stampede is not seeking opportunities to endorse authors for published literature.



Cashless Payments

Many theme parks and festivals use RFID technology to provide guests with the convenience of cashless payments. It is also an excellent data capture tool that could provide great insight into customer movement around park, purchase behaviour and preference. Cashless payment wristbands could be implemented for use on the midway and with concessions.

STATUS – Not Implemented

The Stampede is already researching, evaluating and progressing a variety of new technologies for guest to use on park as early as the 2017 ten-day festival. Exploration for future expansion of this type of program is being considered.



Stampede Brand It

The CS is an iconic brand in North America and many visitors look for a means to bring that brand home with them. The brand could be leveraged in a number of ways to educate the public on the significance of a brand in our history and current practices.

STATUS – Not Implemented

The Stampede already promotes its own brand in a number of ways. There are commercial booths on park during Stampede that present and provide similar concepts.



Multi Language Signage

Calgary is a diverse city with a variety of cultures and spoken languages. To enhance inclusivity, creating signage, and other marketing materials, in languages other than English would represent a meaningful shift in how Stampede markets itself and stays relevant in our multicultural society.

STATUS – Considered

The 2017 marketing plan is in its currently being executed. This has been considered for future marketing plans to further engage members of our diverse community,



Diversity Day

In 2016, Stampede Park was the chosen venue for a grassroots celebration of diversity in Alberta. For 2017, a proposed expansion of that event could result in increase awareness and community spirit in the LGBQT community.

STATUS –Implemented

The Stampede Marketing Department will be working with the idea submitter to further develop the program for Stampede 2017.



Stampede Gate Improvements

Stampede Park gates are the first point of contact for guests and can shape their brand perception. The exterior of the gates can be congested at peak times during the 10 day festival, causing frustration with long line-ups, as well as exposing guests to all weather conditions. A more welcoming reception area could be created that would move people more efficiently while presenting a more positive experience.

STATUS – Considered

Stampede is always improving the customer experience at the entrance gates. These suggestions will be monitored and evaluated in 2017.



Buggy Corrals

Many families attend Stampede with "four wheel" transportation to facilitate navigating the park throughout the day. There are some venues that are less accessible to strollers and wheel chairs. Creating on-park drop-off locations for strollers and wheelchairs could increase access to many different venues and increase accessibility.

STATUS –Considered/Implemented

There are preliminary plans for stroller parking areas for 2017 that are being implemented by the venue and programming teams. These will be evaluated for possible future expansion.