Idea Submission Process

The goal of the committee is to obtain as many good ideas as possible. And from these ideas, innovative suggestions to improve the Stampede. There is no limit on the number of ideas the iTeAm can consider, so we're looking for as many creative ideas as possible on how to make our organization, Stampede products and services and the Stampede experience even stronger.

Idea Process

The idea process has been designed to allow volunteers to submit their ideas in the simplist form possible with the following principals:

  • All submissions will be confidential.
  • All submissions become the property of the Calgary Stampede.
  • The committee will ask for necessary, and additional information.
  1. Volunteers are asked to complete the Idea Submission Form. See link at the bottom of this page.

  2. In order for the idea to move further in the process, the majority of the iTeAm members must believe that the idea, as presented, has merit to move forward. If applicable, a completed business case and financial information will be requested as part of the more comprehensive plan.

  3. The iTeAm will provide the opportunity for the submittor to come for a "fireside chat". This is a relaxed, informal dialogue where the submittor has the opportunity to present their idea, share their passion for the submitted idea, as well as to allow the iTeAm an opportunity to ask questions to help in their assessment and decision-making.

  4. The iTeAm will review the entire submission for recommendation. One-on-one support and mentorship will be provided from the iTeAm, who will also consult with subject matter experts as needed with respect to feasibility (this may include C/S management, and/or Volunteer committee leadership). Some of the considerations may include:

    • Is there a tie to the Stampede vision and values?

      • VISION: Creating a world-class gathering place for the Community

      • VALUES: Western Hospitality, Integrity, Pride of Place, Commitment to the Community

    • What is the level of detail in the plan?

    • Does it support the strategic plan of the Stampede?

      • Aligning with our community

      • Connecting through our brand promise

      • Supporting youth achievement in our community

      • Building our vision

      • Building our team

    • Overall creativity and innovation

    • Has this idea been previously presented to the committee or staff and not been supported? (This is not meant to be a back door for ideas that would normally be managed within your committee's activities)

  5. If the majority of the iTeAm members approve the idea, it is then recommended to the CS Board Executive Officers for approval. If approved at the Executive Officer level, then it will be assigned a mentor for implementation.

  6. Post implementation, the committee will facilitate a review to assess the success of the program and enhance future initiatives through learning.

Innovations Committee Submission Form