Meet the Committee

Innovation and inspiration can come from anywhere. So to help elevate great ideas through the Stampede, the Innovation Committee looked everywhere for a talented and experienced group of people. A team with diverse backgrounds, a variety of interests and experiences and a common passion for all things Stampede. The founding members of the committee were selected by the Board Executive in 2014. However, to fulfill our mandate to encourage, promote, and celebrate innovation, the team grew in 2015 to be able to meet the needs of Stampede volunteers and the organization.


Diverse Stampede Experiences.

The iTeAm collectively bring over 100 years experience with the Calgary Stampede, many with Past Chair experience. Members have been involved with youth committees like the Young Canadians, Stampede Talent Search and the Next Generation Committee. They have worked on the Corporate Relations, Public Art Committee, Nominating and Shareholder Relations committees, Indian Events Committee, Western Showcase Committee and Western Legacy Awards Committee. They have chauffeured VIPS with Courtesy Car Committee, hosted celebrities and dignitaries with the Parade Committee, and never missed a Stampede week in over 30 years. From agriculture to year-round events, advisory boards, and community engagement, the Innovation Committee brings strong knowledge of Stampede, inside and out.


Entrepreneurial and collaborative.

With mentorship as one of our committee goals, individual team members bring backgrounds from a variety of disciplines. Entrepreneurs and communications professionals bring decades of experience in software, agriculture, social profit, law and the energy industry – even design, leadership and finance.  The combination of Stampede exposure with diversified skills, ensure that every idea that comes to the Innovation Committee is given careful consideration as it’s championed from start to ideally, implementation.


Meet the 2015/2016  iTeAm:

Steve Major (Chair)

Susanne Huggard (Vice-Chair)

Colleen Tynan (2nd Vice-Chair)


Jill Cross

Stuart O’Connor

Shawna Robinson

Jack Schneider

Richard Stone

Jessilyn Yuhas


Roc Spence (Director Liason)

Kurt Kadaz (Staff Liaison)